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Knowledge Center

The library is the center of intellectual life of a college or university from which the accumulated knowledge flows freely to each user. It comprises a variety of information of different format to meet the varied needs and demands of users. The standard for College Libraries says that “the Library shall establish and maintain a range and quality service that will promote the academic program of the institution and encourage optimal use. It is obvious that libraries are educational and not operated as mere storehouse of books but as a dynamic instrument of education to feed the information craving of users, satisfy the minds of the intellectuals and partner of learning institutions in molding individuals to become more productive in their chosen field.


The QSU Library aspires to become a dynamic Learning Resource center for quality,
up-to-date information and resources for the intellectual advancement and information fluency in the region.

The QSU Library shall provide up-to-date, balanced and adequate library
resources, provide efficient and effective service that are supportive to the mandates of the university.

Goals and Objectives
The university endeavors to attain the following goals and objectives:
1. Provide greater opportunities for students to quality collections and adequate library holdings.
1.1.To acquire library collections supportive to all academic programs;
1.2.To continuously provide and improve quality information sources needed by all users.
2. Optimize delivery of library resources and needs.
2.1.To improve quality of service delivered by adapting changes in facilities and technology;
2.2.To enhance physical spaces to support and facilitate both individual and collaborative
learning and research activities.
3. Establish an efficient, effective and client-friendly library services.
3.1.To assess regularly clients’ needs as well as services and resources;
To develop library staff capability through professional development opportunities