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Exploring the Nexus of Geoecology, Geography, Geoarcheology and Geotourism – Advances and Applications for Sustainable Development in Environmental Sciences and Agroforestry Research

 Author: Haroun Chenchouni, Ezzoura Errami, Fernando Rocha, Luisa Sabato  Publisher: © Springer Nature Switzerland AG  ISBN: 978-3-030-01683-8  Pages: 112  Language: English

The valuation of ecosystem functions, goods and services of natural and cultural heritage and bioresources of many regions worldwide is still little known. The Mediterranean, Middle East region as well as the surrounding area are ecologically unique due to large differences in climatic, geographical and geological features, which offer countries of these region weighty socio-economic potentials in terms of fertile agricultural lands, rich natural resources and the existence of strategic resources such as crude oil and natural gas.