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Field Guidebook on Native Trees within the Quirino Forest Landscape

- Native Trees within the Quirino Forest Landscape
 Author: Elizabeth Tomas-Carig ,  Publisher: St. Andrew Publishing House  ISBN: 978 -971 -014 -693 - 2  Pages: 134  Language: English

This publication is an effort to present the Philippine native trees found within the Quirino Forest Landscape Project area, covering the barangays of Don Mariano Perez, Ifugao Village and Baguio Village, municipality of Diffun; barangays of Calaocan, Eden, Dibibi and Dingasan, municipality of Cabarroguis; barangays Diodol, San Manuel and Victoria, municipality of Aglipay; and Jose Ancheta
and Balligui, municipality of Maddela.

The completion of this book could not have been possible without the assistance and supervision of so many people. I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the following PO Presidents and their respective members for their support and assistance during their field activities: Mr. Lito Bannagao (Don Mariano Perez), Alben C. Rodolfo (Baguio Village), Vicente B. Balajo (Ifugao Village), Cresencio G. Cadingan (Dibibi), Mauricio L. Ojascastro (Eden), Abel M. Decoran (Dingasan), Basanio C. Lobyo (Calaocan), Manuel T. Ngabit Jr. (San Manuel), Norma T. Mangili (Victoria), John M. Lub-e (Diodol), Arnold N. Pugong (Jose Ancheta), and Florencio P. Madiwo (Balligui).

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